Hi there! This is the petpet park wiki. My name is Ji Robinson and I made this wiki because all the good Petpet park wiki links were taken and I didn't want this one to be taken too...

Right now I'm on the neopets wiki. It needs A LOT of work and I don't really have time to work on this wiki right now.

I plan to come back to this wiki and expand it. But for now, it remains a project that I plan to complete in the Super Distant future.

That doesn't mean YOU can't edit though! ^.^ Feel free to create pages for this wiki about the quests, species and NPC's of Petpet park.

Leave a message on my talk page if you wanna say something to me about this wiki! :)

Bad news, everyone. In September 2014, Petpet Park closed down. Players of Petpet Park who had membership got emails saying that their memberships have expired along with Petpet Park. I hope everyone had fun playing in Petpet Park and had time to say goodbye to this wonderful website. So, everyone, this is it. The Park is now gone. Winsela is gone, the rest of the characters are gone, your accounts are gone, your friends are gone, everything in Petpet Park just.....gone. is time. Time for you to say your final goodbyes to Petpet Park and all the friends that have been lost. But remember, even if Petpet Park is gone, it will still be there in your heart. And so will all those important people that you lost. 

Goodbye, Petpet Park. We will never forget you.

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